SEBONSA is an Amsterdam-based collective bringing together wine, food, culture, and design  – with a critical emphasis on natural and low-intervention wines. Through collaboration and celebration, we aim to grow an eclectic community of new fine wine & food lovers.

Our project − from which the name is a phonetic wordplay on the French expression 'C'est Bon Ça' − got kick-started by three guys from various backgrounds and disciplines. We feel a strong shared commitment to building an open and inclusive environment; we avoid the rigid structure of the traditional wine world and invite you into a new lighthearted, nuanced version of this world, one that we collectively create with you!

We present the wines of small vineyards and artisan wine-makers, crafting a different wine each year. They do not force a predetermined taste on their wines but instead look for what nature provides them. In this spirit, we celebrate a critical community of low-intervention, organic, biodynamic, natural wines and their growers.

Natural wine is a style of wine and a philosophical approach to winemaking. For some, the very definition of natural wine is as simple as "nothing added, and nothing is taken away." Would you like to know more about this wholesome, naturally occurring microbiology? Or maybe you enjoy drinking wine but get bored with dissections of winemaking processes... You’re welcome to join one of our events; let’s indulge!